A short story

This style has its origins in the 80s, when Rachel Ashwell’s book titled ‘Shabby chic’ was published. There Rachel described in detail rules of interior design using distressed furniture and accessories, which in some cases were doomed to be thrown away. Such unusual trend caught attention of the enthusiasts of a subtle and feminine décor and has established its place in the interior design for good.

Shabby chic style requires also bleached out, pastel and grey colours, the so-called ‘heritage’ colours. More often than not you would use light pinks, as well as white, beige and blue tones. What is more, a delicate, floral patterns make the room more magical and feminine.

And what about the accessories?

Hence, despite what the modern minimalism lovers may think, you can feel free to reach for accessories. You have to be careful to stick to your dreamed-of shabby chic and not get carried away and create a kitschy décor.

Use tablecloths, photo frames, mirrors and clocks with the signs of wear and tear. Decorate the walls with patterned wallpapers, e.g. the floral ones. You can also take the items you were planning to throw out and give them a new life. For example, you can take old chairs and tables and apply some paint to them. Put as many layers as possible using glaze or by painting and then sanding away the top coat to show the original wood and make them look antique.

What furniture

We highly encourage you to buy used furniture – not only is this a cheaper option than buying a new one, but it also is more environmentally friendly. There are plenty of used or new, brown furniture on the market. Many people pass on them because they do not like the colour. It gives all the shabby chic lovers plenty of chances to get one of a kind pieces perfect for your house.

In some cases second-hand furniture do not even require a do-up. Time takes its toll on all pieces, and the more rusty and worn-out they look the better.

Where to get them

You can always go and look for some cool items in thrift stores. You can also try looking at your local forums and sites, such as Facebook’s marketplace, eBay or Etsy. Garage sales, auction houses and charity shops are also great places to visit.

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